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Active/Inactive, what does that mean in my CTFO account status?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Active/Inactive means is that you have not placed a personal $49 order, in the previous 30 days. Each order qualifies you on multiple levels of income for the following 4 weeks.

You earn 20% commissions on every personal referrals gross purchases regardless of active/inactive, and you never, ever lose your team. When you see orders coming in on multiple levels, you can choose to place an order then, or order now. Doesn't matter. That is what is meant by Enroller earns 20% regardless of status.

Some people are actually happy simply participating in the affiliate aspect of CTFO, and refer people passively. Refer 100 people by sharing your links and every time $100 in gross sales is generated, it pays you $20! Again, Active/Inactive doesn't matter.

To meet FTC rules and regulations for a multi-level marketing, or network marketing, or direct-selling company to operate legally, and pay a commission on multiple levels, a sale has to occur at the business center earning the commissions. Your personal $49 purchase in your business center meets this requirement!

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